30 Pola Soal Toefl Written Expression Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawabannya

Toefl yaitu mata pelajaran yang sangat menyulitkan bagi saya, tetapi kalau kita sabar untuk mempelajarinya tentu kita  dapat mengerti mata pelajaran tersebut. Rajin mencar ilmu yaitu cara untuk menjadi orang yang cerdik bahasa Inggris.

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Berikut ini aku akan sharing beberapa contoh soal written expression menurut apa yang pernah aku pelajari.

30 Contoh soal  Toefl Written Expression Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawabannya

1. The(A) Dambovita River, a tributary(B) of the Danube, it(C) runs through(D) Bucharest.
Jawabannya : It dihapus menjadi tidak ada

2. Egyptians, who are gathering(A) their(B) clay from the Nile, used straw or reeds(C) to strengthen(D) their bricks.
Jawabannya : Are gathering menjadi were gathering

3. Highly(A) interesting(B) in music as a youth, young Johann Sebastian Bach may have damaged his eyes copying(C) musical(D) scores.
Jawabannya : interesting menjadi interested

4. Sequoya, Whom English(A) name was(B) George Guess, invented(C) a syllabary for the Cherokee(D) languange.
Jawabannya : whow English diganti menjadi whose English

5. Although the beaver's hind feet are(A) webbed(B) for swimming, their(C) front feet are small and hand like(D).
Jawabannya : their menjadi it's

6. When the dogwood trees bloom(A) in(B) East Texas, the number of tourism(C) increases dramatically(D).
Jawabannya : Tourism menjadi tourisms

7.  A top Us disease(A) expert said his week that killer(B) virus "Bird FLu" was the world's number one health(C) threat and should be taken serious(D).
Jawabannya : Serious menjadi seriously

8. Expressionism is(A) charecterized by both(B) the simplification of form(C) and the use and utilization(D) of certain colors.
Jawabannya : and utilization menjadi and tanpa utilization

9. Acumen that was political(A), knowledge of(B) Congress, and the Southern vote were qualities that(C) Lyndon Johnson brought to the national ticket(D) in 1960.
Jawabannya : that was political menjadi in politics

10. Dependent(A) on monetary(B) aid from foreign countries often cripples(C) the economies of deleveloping(D) countries.
Jawabannya : Dependent

11. Bach's compositions are the outgrowths of his purely(A) ideal way(B) looking at the world(C) and of his deeply(D) religious feelings.
Jawabannya : ideal way menjadi ideal list

12. The sum(A) of an atomic(B) weights of the atoms in a molecule(C) is called its(D) molecular weight.
Jawabannya : an atomic menjadi atomic

13. Electrial(A) disturbances on earth are frequently(B) caused with(C) stoms on the(D) surface of the sun.
Jawabannya : with menjadi by

14. Over(A) the course of history, much(B) civilizations developed their own(C) number systems(D).
Jawabannya : much menjadi many

15. Despite(A) the fact that lemurs are general(B) nocturnal, the ring-tailed lemur travels(C) by day in bands of four to(D) twelve individuals.
Jawabannya : general menjadi generaly

16. One way pumpkins and watermelons are like(A) is that both grow(B) on vines trailing along(C) the surface of the ground(D).
Jawabannya : Like menjadi alike

17. Mentored(A) as she was by Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas developed an unusual style of narrative who(B) imitated but did not rival(C) that(D) of her teacher.
Jawabannya : who menjadi which

18. This new service will be avaible(A) to all users which(B) signed up for paid(C) membership(D).
Jawabannya : which menjadi who

19. Although(A) he was seen to be an aggressively(B) politician, he was a quiet and loving(C) family man at home(D).
Jawabannya : agressively menjadi agressively

20. The Welland Ship Canal(A), one of Canada's greatest engineering(B) projects, it(C) is a twenty-seven mile(D) long waterway between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.
Jawabannya : It nya di hilangkan

21. Buttercups are(A) avoided by(B) grazing(C) animals because(D) their bitter juices.
Jawabannya : because menjadi because of

22. Jan Sibelius, a finnish(A) composer(B), captured the spirit of him(C) county in his music(D).
Jawabannya : Of him menjadi of his

23. The opening(A) of the Suez Canal in 1869 gave ships the means by whom(B) they(C) could travel from Europe to the Orient without sailing(D) around Africa.
Jawabannya : by whom  menjadi by which

24. Earthworms make(A) their path through heavly(B) soil by eating it(C) and then eliminating it behind them(D).
Jawabannya : heavly menjadi heavy

25. Many a man faced(A) with seemingly(B) insurmountable problems have considered(C) suicide as an escape(D).
Jawabannya : have considered menjadi has considered

26. The water required to form(A) soil fluid ranges with(B) the texture of the solid(C) body from 10% for sand in(D) 40% for fine clay.
Jawabannya : Sand in menjadi sand to

27.  Ideal(A) purity of thought, simplicity of means, simplicity(B) and wise orchestration, all contribute(C) to the freshness and ingenuousness(D) of Haydn's cantatas.
Jawabannya : Simplicity menjadi simple

28. Plastic buttons are used on men's(A) shirts because(B) they are strength(C) and can withstand many washings(D).
Jawabannya : Stength menjadi strong

29. The injured(A) passengers on the airplane that(B) crashed found themself(C) miles from the nearest(D) hospital.
Jawabannya : themself menjadi themselves

30. Thunder is the sound produced(A) by the rapid(B) expanding(C) of air heated by lightning(D).
Jawabannya : rapid menjadi rapidly.

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Semoga bermanfaat dan terimakasih.


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